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Council Row.


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(ww news) Seems the Opposition Leader on the Council took offence at a remark about the Home Secretary, allegedly made by the Council Leader - well given the current state of Parliamentary corruption and avarice, any public condemnation of MPs would be in line with the overwhelming public disgust and contempt for politicians. :shock: However, what was of interest is; the motion under discussion, was "welcoming" the Home Secretary's decision NOT to proceed with "DIRECT" elections to Police Authorities, thus protecting the current indirect, and unaccountable position of those faceless Councillors on PCs and with additional allowances to boot. :shock: So much for NuLabs spin about transparency and accountability in our public institutions - errm, not if it affects their back-handers it seems. :twisted:

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Rather agree with you Peter. I was rather disappointed by the motion, and its mention of the Home Secretary, in light of recent events, meant that it lacked gravitas and as it transpired, ill timed.


In what is a council with no overall control, Labour, I would suggest, need to raise their game, rethink their strategy, maybe pay less attention to Mrs Jones and national politics, and put forward questions and motions that Warrington resident's can relate to. :wink:

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