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Warrington Teenagers can be an inspiration

Geoffrey Settle

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Gary published the following letter from me in the WWW Reader's letter sectionbelow,


As we are about to start a New Year what do people think of teenagers in Warrington?


Dear Editor, I am often reading about negative youth issues on warrington-worldwide web.

It was therefore good to read about the Princes Trust last week and the work that they have been doing at the Warrington and Widnes Blind Society.

On Tuesday following the completion of the walled garden and colourful frieze for the stage they organised a party for the society members. There was a great deal of laughter during the games of bingo and raffle.

Everyone had a very enjoyable time and members expressed the wish their young visitors would return soon.

On Thursday I attended the 23rd Annual Birchwood Community High School Presentation Evening where they celebrated this years GCSE successes and gave out achievement awards. Guest speakers from International Rugby League, Barrie McDermott and Terry O'Connor, were impressed by the stories behind the award winners. They praised them for their hard work, dedication, commitment and leadership qualities.

These were strengths that they knew from experience would serve them well in whatever career they chose. The evening also contained two musical interludes of a high standard. The second of which was performed by Radio Warrington's Hollie Caddock and was good enough to win the X-factor final.

The examples of the Prince Trust and the High School are just two of the many positive faces of our youngsters in Warrington that often get overlooked.

Kind Regards Geoff Settle


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there is one in the same road as my mother lives who has a bad reputation.


on Christmas day he knocked on my mothers door and wished her a merry Christmas. if he sees her walking down the street with shopping he will come up and carry the bags to her door. my mother has always been nice to him and he returns the respect he gets from her. even his parents are amazed at his attitude with her.


most of the ones i have had dealing with at work have also been courteous and will often put their change in the charity boxes.


so before anybody does condemn teenagers just think on this, when they are well behaved they do not get much publicity so this may be a chance to look at the good side rather than highlight the bad.

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