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Bob a Job !


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Well NuLab are going to turf over a million so-called scroungers off benefits, unless they do some kind of work - yet another initiative that hasn't been thought through. :shock: Welfare to Work programmes did have some impact in the US, but that was during a boom when labour was scarce; but where are all these jobs coming from during a depression with rising unemployment; with those who normally work being thrown on the dole, and wages being undercut by an Army of cheap and compliant immigrant labour? :shock: Whilst I'm sure, at first sight, public opinion will welcome these "shirkers" being turned into "workers"; aside from many being genuinly ill/disabled, many "chavs" are culturally devoid of any "work ethic" and I'll predict now, that they will survive by all possible means, meaning that the crime rate will go through the roof, so instead of keeping them in their homes, we'll be keeping them in Prisons. :roll::wink: This will no doubt do wonders for social cohesion, with the rats fighting over every morsel that falls from the rich man's table! :roll::wink:

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PS: According to the relevent Minister, despite rising unemployment, there are around 500,000 unfilled vacancies in the system. :shock: Errm. so 1million scroungers get half a million jobs? :? Doesn't seem to work out mathmatecally. :roll: Plus, approx 500,000 illegal immigrants, plus the E/Europeans who just don't want to go home, plus god knows how many thrown out of work by the current depression - who does this Government think they are kidding?! :roll::wink:

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Reading this made me laugh why? because the Germans started this about 3 years ago and its a load of crap to help cook the unemployment figures..


The Germans have what they call " 1 euro jobs" this mean they socalled workers get 1 euro an hour on top of their benifits if they refuse the work then their benifits get cut,if they work they are taken of the unemployed list, most who do the work do menial jobs and a lot are on loan to bigger employers,who then do not need to employ someone full time..thus saving money..If you had seen the scandals that have gone on with these people you wouldnt even consider something like this..


Its a big farce to say the least..




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