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Father Christmas Grotto


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I have it on good authority from the Big Guy himself that he will be in residence at Fearnhead Youth & Community Center from aprox Thursday 11th December onwards. His elves are busy building his winter wonderland as we speak. Santa and his grotto is free to all and each child will recive a small gift. This grotto is the best in Warrington bar none and is not to be missed !!!! :D:D:D This is a Blackbrook Community Association Event.

Opening Times.

The grotto will be open every day from 09-30am to 4-00pm

except Sunday 14th.

Closed for lunch from 12-00 to 1-15pm

Saturday 13th The grotto is open from 10-00am to 2-00pm

Late night Thursday.Close 6 pm

Last day is Friday 19th. The grotto will close at 2-00pm

Travel Directions.

The grotto is at the Community Center, Insall Rd, Padgate, just past Padgate High School, Ample free parking,

Tel 01925 827195.

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So I take it that the Shepherds, 3 Wise Men and the baby in a manger are not part of your proper Christmas :wink:


Now don't go spoiling Christmas with your religous nonsense :wink:


I will be going along to the grotto with my little girl, it sounds great.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this years Christmas Grotto the best yet ! Over a 1,000 members of the public called in to see the grotto and meet Father Christmas. Each year produces little gems from the mouths of the children and this year was no exception ! One young lady when asked by Santa if her Mummy had been a good girl all year, The young lady replied that mummy had been ok except when she shouted at her and her brother and then shouted at daddy, who then shouted back at mummy and thats when mummy started to throw things at daddy !! It was a picture to see mummys face turn the same colour as Santas coat ! :D:D

Once again thanks to all the volunteers who made it a brilliant sucess, A special mention must go to our local community developement officer who i cannot name for various reasons for her help and commitment not only for the grotto but for all the hard work she puts into the community throughout the year

Many thanks also to WBC, our local councillors and the wardens from STiW .

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