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Council Stock transfer??????

Peter T

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Somewhat confused with this Front Page story.


I understood, that when Golden Gates Housing was first created a few years ago, that one of the reasons was to access money to bring the properties up to standard.

ie Double glazing etc.


Yet here we are, reading the same reasons for the new proposed set-up.


I thought that all the council properties had been modernised.

Can anyone throw any light on this subject? :?

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It's not just double glazing Peter, its new kitchens and bathrooms after a certain number of years. I understand that social landlords can access funds from the Housing Corporation...a Government Agency, and that is the reason that GGH is to become a social landlord. Interestingly though I also note that for the first time ever an ALMO (Stockport) has also accessed funds.

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This so-called "Labour" Government have done everything it can to get rid of "Council" Housing; continueing Maggie's "right to buy", trying to sell them off wholesale etc. :shock: Now we know the consequences of this policy with the Housing crash, you would think they'd learn the lesson, and begin funding LAs with the means to provide and maintain social housing that is directly accountable to the public. :roll:

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Just doing some filing and noticed the total costs for both the Decent Homes/ Statutory Obligations and the Modern Standard


?459,261,469 & ?530,106,235


Both exclude professional fees, VAT, management and administration costs and are based on today's prices. Costs are inclusive of preliminaries.


I'll get back to my filing. :wink::D

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