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Green madness


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Well, while not entirely in agreement, our current situation of depending on the fickle freindship of russia, in jeopardy due to the geogia situation, our selling of OUR north sea gas to EDF in france because we no longer have the capacity to store it in the uk, at bulk discount rates and then buying it back as we need it at retail rate is just throwing money away.


the powers GAS/ELECTRIC and BP need to be nationalised, we need to stop extracting north sea gas now until we can store it for exclusivly brittish usage in the future. and nuclear power stations should be built to meet our needs ASAP, we cannot rely on foreign supply for ANYTHING essential, especialy while our own industries are flagging yeat our demand for supply is thriving.

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But we're told that the N/Sea gas is running out. :shock: Certainly need storage capacity though, as Legion rightly says. :) However, we have a thousand years of coal under our feet; mountains for resevoirs and hydro-electric schemes, river esturies for counter flood barriers and tidal turbines - we just need a Government with the capacity to just get on with it - but hopefully not on the basis of PFI schemes! :wink:

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