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Homes flooded as storm lashes town

Geoffrey Settle

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It's a pity that Densham Ave has been hit by floods despite it occurring previously as reported on the front page of WWW. The floods occurred at the end of my road and the sandbags arrived at around 9am but a bit too late to stop Solway going under as the local brook rose once and spilled over into the close.


Work needs to be done to counter such repeated flooding as it will no doubt become a regular occurrence for many year to come.


I even had to help a lady in distress in Callands after she had been through the flood on Cromwell Ave.

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Just noticed Wahl's comment and Obs Question.


The brook has just received its 'annual' scraping and the banks have been cleared of growth with water flowing freely.


I think that UU are responsible for the maintenance and the NRA watch over and make sure that the rivers are looked after and clear of pollutants that companies/people try to dump in them from time to time.


I've always found it a grey area when trying to get stuff done as you sometimes get passed from pillar to post between UU, WBC, & NRA and within a mile radius of each other in Warrington it shouldn't be that hard should it?

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