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Match report below from Mossley v Radcliffe from last Monday done by Radcliffe fan who won 2-0


Travelling to the game a few pubs and restaurants are displaying "book now for christmas" I hope they are not referring to a boro win! Time will tell , i think it will be a lot sooner than that with the squad list is as strong as it is. Mossley got off to a flyer away at Clitheroe with a brace from Fish, and a clean sheet to boot. Boro boss Luczka is hoping to name the same side, and believes Boro played well in the defeat at home to Ossett.




Arriving at a fixture at this level knowing that the clubs share over a hundred and fifty years history between them is testament to all the people who keep the non league flame burning in whatever role. Seel Park is a very tidy ground with great facilities and a stunning backdrop looking across the pitch from the main stand, multi million pound breezeblock and weird shaped floodlights dont do it for me!


After both teams exchanged handshakes Mr Yates the referee allows Radcliffes unchanged side to kick off. First impressions are made quickly by Mossley with the inform Fish breaking to Boro,s right, within minutes of that he showed his intentions of adding to his seasons tally by forcing an error from Dawson and sent a looping shot over the keeper that nestled on top of the net. Dawson would not be forced into anymore errors tonight, his authority was stamped on the game and the conditions with a superb recovering tackle when Fish was hoping for more. The pattern of the game began to form when a ball from Kelly was cleverly directed by the head of Oats into the path of Waine who despatched a telling shot that went just wide of the mark. Mossley quickly realised this was going to get tough and great controlled football from Waine to Oats and on to the overlapping Heald sent Griff Jones free only to end in a poor cross. Communication between the experienced Unsworth and the reliable Kelly kept the back four willing to except any Mossley pressure .



The first quarter of an hour ended with Connell making good contact but struck just wide. The momentum was with Boro and being maintained by great closing down play and strong tackling by the two Jonesies. The hard work nearly paid off on 20 minutes when Connells free kick clears to Heald who hits a powerful shot wide to the right of goal, a goal is needed to make this start official.



Mossley are struggling to make inroads on the Boro defence, they change Leon Henry from one flank to another to try and crack the Boro nut, he is quick but with little support.



Samson works hard on the edge of the box to allow Griff Jones a shot on target just before the heavens opened and Mossley win the first corner on 30 minutes. Kelly clears the ball with a lucky glance that sends the ball over his own goal for another corner. pressure is relieved by Halls handling and claims the wet ball well.



The game starts to quiken even though the heavy pitch gets heavier, Jones is ruling in midfield and wants a part of everything, he releases the ever running Oats the lose ball from him results in pure graft from Si Kelly who works hard to win space and release a very decent shot going narrowly wide.



Mossley get involved as the half starts to disappear in driving rain. Fish finds Blackshaw on the edge of the box who flashes a shot across goal and wide. The Lilywhites try again with Blackshaw finding space to Boros right only to fire in a tame cross cum shot. Dawson on 41 produces his best tackle of the game and atthe same time releases Griff Jones who gets his shot away before the flag pulls him back.



Mossley with Fish hoping to end the half on a high picks up a clearance from Kelly and hits a cracking shot producing a great save just under and over the bar from Hall, the resulting corner gives Nick Boothby the chance of the half heading just over the angle of bar and post when he should have scored. The captain needs to install concentration in his back four during the interval. The half ends with no goals but the promise of some from the boys in blue.



The second half began with Boro being caught offside ,Connell , Oats and Griff Jones are looking for goals.First Corner of the half goes to Mossley and the ball again finds the centre half who cant hit the target.Leon Henry Mossleys number ten is fed with the ball and releases a great shot but again fails the target. Free kick to Boro in the centre circle were Mark Jones thinks the fastest and releases Heald who skips past Parsonage with ease before finding Oats who in turn finds the post, as sure as the rain the goals are coming. Some good battles in midfield with Jonah and Waine winning the medals.



Hall punches clear a Mossley corner that falls for Kirk who drives a shot that is bravely deflected by Connell. Chances keep coming in the opponents third but yet to no avail an hour as gone and Mossley try a change with Dignan on and Kirk off who struggled to handle Oats all night.



Mossley raise their game slightly finding Prout in the clear but his attempt is ruled offside. For the first time Jonah is caught in possession and allows Henry to link with Fish who drives his shot wide.

Heald and Waine have worked hard all night as a pair and constantly provide service for Oats and Griff Jones who need to make it count in the last twenty. A floated Oats cross finds Griff who heads wide.

Mossley relieve the pressure and the resulting corner gives Parsonage a free header again no target found. Boro get it back to the opponents box and find Sampson working to find an opening he does and Oats fires wide. More hard work in midfield sees Waine bide his time and pick a peach of a ball to the impressive Mark Jones who steadies and fires in a great finish low to the keepers left 1-0 the boro!


From the kick off a claim for a pull on Oates in the box is turned down, the team start to feel a victory but must remain focused on the job.

Mossley replace Parsonage with Egan in the hope of getting back into the game with 15 to go.





The change didn't affect Connells hard work in the corner and his determination wins a free kick. The kick is powerful and true from Heald who finds Oats movement and flashing header too much for the keeper 2-0 the Boro.



Prout finds himself in the book for what can only be described as frustration knowing there was no breaking Radcliffe down in midfield. The back four hold solid. Boro come again with a quick throw from Hall to Waine who progresses and finds Griff Jones who works great space to allow a great effort to be tipped over for a corner. Griff is after his goal and shows some great work in and around the box.





Heald as been showing signs of a groin injury for the last five and is wisely subbed for Rutter with less than ten to go. Rutter goes to right back with Sampson filling the left back slot. The last five minutes sees Boro enjoying their football with some great one touch football in the last third . Last task for the defence on 91 as mossley get a corner well cleared to end the Game.





A very good game that i believe was won by a team that showed real togetherness, their technical ability was head and shoulders above Mossley with passes being found , clearances solid and no long ball in what at times were very difficult playing conditions. My man of the match was Mark Jones with a mention in despatches for Craig Dawson. Would i change anything Rutter for Connell , but hey Christmas as come early!





Boro; Hall,Sampson,Heald,Kelly©Unsworth,Dawson,Connell,Jones,Jones g,Oats,Waine. Subs Flynn,Forrest,Chappell,Rutter,Brookes





Mossley: Higginbotham,Parsonage,Challinor,kay ,©,Boothby,kirk,Hanlon,Prout,Fish,Henry,Blackshaw,Subs Dignan,Egan,Wharton,Bowden,Motteshead

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