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History in school


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I keep pushing this site (as do all of us who are on it - hope you don't mind Gary).


Mainly for any headteachers, class teachers and teaching assistants who may read this particular part of the forum.


All hands on stuff with talks/demonstrations to suit your curricular requirements. All are dedicated to their own specialised area of history.





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Originally posted by Mary:

Wish I could take mine to see it TMM - looks like a great thing to do - hands on history!!

Mary - we actually visit the school itself as individuals.

If the one you are in is happy to pay for flights and hundredweights of equipment to be flown over then I'll quite happily come and do a talk :D:wink:

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Originally posted by observer:

Have they enough time in the curriculum Tone, :roll:

There's always plenty of time during a school day, plus there are options of half day and full day talks/demonstrations. All depends on which module they are on in the curriculum and how in depth it needs to be. They usually combine it with the 'proper' schools education programmes on TV.
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The Mailman is correct -- history is taught, but a majority of younger persons don't wish to learn it. It takes yin and yang to equal education. It seems the present day way to be cool among one's peers is to disdain learning anything from a person who is older than them.

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Does this prove, it's therefore possible for societies to regress educationally, or just part of a society? :? Thus adding weight to the theory that humanity is at the point of dividing into two new evolutionary branches - "the knows" and the "don't knows" ! :wink:

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A Canadian satirist has written and directed a 2006 film called IDIOCRACY that illustrates the non-reproductive high IQ citizens and the awesome fecundity of the low IQ citizens -- projecting a future where the citizenry does not even know that water is required for plants to grow.


One man has an errand to do, and looks for a clue on an ancient sign -- tries to sound it out. His friend says, "Hey, you're trying to read... are you GAY?"


You might enjoy it. The president of the USA is a black professional wrestler who enjoys spraying the air with machine guns. People are tattooed with bar codes for ID.

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