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Are they mad??


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The government is considering suspending stamp duty on house purchases in order to kick start the housing market. Well now they've announced the possibility surely the housing market will stop dead in its tracks while potential purchasers wait to see if it will happen. Madness!! :roll::roll::roll:

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Well I think it is a good idea providing that they actually do it and give an exact date to stop people holding back and wondering.


When we bought our home some years ago we handed over our cheque for the dreaded stamp duty then heard on the radio on the way home that it had been temporarily scrapped with imediate effect. We phoned our solicitor who ripped up the cheque ther and then and we very very happy indeed :D


I think it could SLIGHTLY help the housing market although of course there are still mortgage repayments to contend with :shock: . Stamp duty is a rip off and part of the reason we decided not to move recently.


eg: property costing upto ?250,00.00 = 1% - ie maximum stamp duty of ?2,500


Spend a mere ?1 more and it shoots upto a massive 3% and ?7,505 :shock:

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Another example of moving round the deck chairs on the Titanic: there is an almost instant solution: start building Council Houses = folk have homes = housing demand is immediatley suppressed = prices become more affordable for those wishing to buy. :wink:


So choice of getting a council house or one of your own (eventually) which option would you prefer Obs ?

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And because houses are no longer affordable many people/families are being pushed into going for homes they don't really want and which in the long term are a waste of time and money as they will never own them :cry:


When we bought our home we had no spare money but worked bloody hard and managed it somehow.


That choice has now been taken away from a lot of people who, despite working as hard (if not more) that we did, they can't possibly afford to get on the housing ladder now as they simply can't afford the mortgage repayments :evil:


My son is now 14.... so do I tell him to put his name down on the council housing list now as the way things are going he'll have no chance whatsoever of being able to afford his own home and mortgage in 10 years time no matter how hard he works at school...

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Errm, I guess your too young to remember DIZ, but until the last 10 -15 years, that's how it always was - a large proportion of the population simply could never afford to buy their own home; alas that was in the days when if you wanted something you saved up to buy it, credit/debt was frowned on. :cry: Then along came the "I want it, I want it NOW" generation, and the lenders began to bend over backwards to give them the money and the banks etc allowed them to run up ?1,000s on their credit cards - and now the bubble has burst and were paying the price. :cry::wink:

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