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Garlic Naaaaaan


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Im not one for measuring so I do everything by guesswork.


half a small bag of SR flour

a tiny pinch of Baking powder and a dash of salt

1 Egg

Olive Oil

5 Garlic cloaves

Italian seasoning herbs

1/3 block of butter (unsalted, salted comes out too salty after heating)


finely chop the garlic and put it in the microwave with the butter to melt completely


mix the flour with olive oil & egg until its got the consistency of soft plasticine.


add half the melted butter/garlic mix and nead.


flatten out to shape on a baking tray


pour over remaining butter/garlic and spread over the entire surface. sprinkle with italian seasoning or oregano.


bake until golden brown...but I like it a little chrispy

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