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North Sea Treasure?


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No, not the oil; but the archeology: Interesting prog tonight, made by the Time Team; which gave an insight into the period of the middle stone age, when a land mass the size of England joined Britain to Europe. What was particularly of interest, was the types of fossils that have been dredged up: sabre tooth tiger; wooly mamouths and rhinoceros; lions, hippos etc. which demonstrate the variables in temperature our Islands have experienced. Such climatic changes have occured on a cyclical pattern throughout history and have everything to do with Earth wabbling on it's axis. Anyway, following the last ice age, when the ice began to melt and increase sea levels; the river plain of the Rhine, Thames and Seine, became the North Sea and the Channel. and in the face of this apparent disaster, what did our forbears do? Well, they may have run round like headless chickens (we don't know); but it seems they adapted to change and survived - the rest is history. :P

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True Mary - we have 5 channels of mainly rubbish at the moment; then you add a digi box, and get 88 channels of mainly rubbish too. :roll: Back to the North Sea: they found some fragments of a Neanderthal skeleton; who must have been living alongside these exotic animals, prior to the encroachment of modern humans. :confused:

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OK, to jog your failing memory, we debated the point last time that which I tried to point out to you in vain that according to evolutionary theory we are not descended from Neanderthals, who are postulated to have been a different species of human altogether from homo sapiens sapiens. I contend they were ancient humans, with a genetic disorder. No point in debating it again, as we'll be doing nothing but chase each other's tails (sorry, coccyxs :D:D:wink::P )


So, we'll just have to agree to differ. Oh oh ah ah ah, where's a banana? So, have any old Obbsters been found amongst these ancient treasures?


[ 28.04.2007, 21:40: Message edited by: Goonerman ]

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Eh? You're confused Obbs. You say the Neanderthals are ancestors of homo sapiens now you are trying to make it out that I am complaining that you aren't saying this. The point I was making is exactly that- in evolutionary theory Neanderthals are not ancestors but an alternative branch of the humanities postulated. Now you are admitting it but turning it around to claim that it was really the other way round.


What happened was:


You said we were descended from Neanderthals.


I said no, according to Darwinism we and they are from different branches and so not descended from them.


I said now, I am reminding you of this as you were puzzled by my allusions to said previous discussion but now let's agree to differ. Now you are saying, heh, no, you Gman are saying I said Neanderthals are not our ancestors when I say they are from another branch. (When you never said anything of the sort in the first place! :D )


So what's happening here is that you are trying to trick me and others into thinking that our little debate was the other way round to cover your error! :D:D:D


Oh, the mendacity of the small-time politician! :D:wink::P Now that is sad! And totally predictable! :roll:

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