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Time Travel near Virconium


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On TV tonight I saw an interview with two metal detector fellows who found Roman coins while out in a field (somewhere near the old Roman settlement called Virconium). It was pitch dark and they heard horses galloping near, and came to a wood palisade fortress wall. When they turned around the wall was gone, and there were no horses in the vicinity.


The question was: did they travel back 2,000 years, or did that settlement travel forward 2,000 years. I kept tuned to learn their names but it wasn't Indiana James. They were a Collin and a John.

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Not such a strange story. At Warburton on at least two ocassions and to two different people one being myself I have had a similar experience at the main part of the site. No walls seen but twice now whilst searching the site i have heard the thunder of horses approaching from behind and upon turning around seen absolutely nothing, a very strange feeling indeed and on one ocassion i could feel the ground shake slightly !!! :shock:

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Famine, I think. But back to the two metal detector searchers -- the sound of horse beats came between them. Next morning they saw their own footprints in the moist soil -- but not a single print of any horses. However they did find some horse metal artifacts such as bridle pieces or something.

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