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Last gasp win at Hull


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I didn't go to the game so can't comment how well / bad the Wire played. I listened to part of the game on GMR but had to switch off when the score was 12-6. What really kissed me off was the comments made by one of the commentators,Dave Woods I think his name was. It seemed he had a huge downer on the Wire in general but Lee Briers in particular. I was pleasantly surprised when switching back on the the Wire had gained victory. Good old Lee had made Woods eat his words. I don't know what motive Mr Woods had in continually slagging off the Wire, perhaps when he last visited the HJ he missed out on the freebies or tea and biscuits. He should be reminded that it's not his job to belittle the Wire..it's my job.

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From what I can gather - Warrington were pretty poor in the first half but hung on in but were a lot better in the second half - which hopefully means fitness is improving and Jimmy's kick up the pants at half time has some impact!

I fear another head lock coming on tomorrow! :oops::lol:

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