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Honeymoon over for Lowes


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Is it that easy to shed players in these days of long contracts and the salary cap? Perhaps,in order to attract quality players to the club, they could be offered lucrative but short term contracts. In that way the club wouldn't be saddled with slackers and/or holiday makers for such a long time. Options at the end of these short contracts could be the answer. Also we should stop kidding ourselves about the junior players coming through the ranks and making the first team squad. The club should only cream off the very best of these youngsters and ship the rest off to NL1 and 2 in much the same way Leeds and St Helens do. We tend to be blinded because they wear the P&B they are the creme de la creme when obviously they aren't up to the standard if we want to be in the top three clubs. I'm not reading too much into the humiliation last night in Froggyland because other teams have received a similar beating to the Wire. Maybe not as big of a thumping but not far off. It must be the heat or summat.

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