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Why does the British public tolerate such an incompetent careless cynical lying government such as the self elected Brown's one?

Are we too tolerant?

Should we start being like the French and have major strikes?


How do we get rid of an incompetent administration when it is not working?


Does this need a petition to the Queen asking her to dissolve parliament?


Or do we just sit back and let the brussel sprouts take over completely?

This apathy is what happened when Hitler took over Germany are we in the same boat?

Are we too tolerant?

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The easiest way would be for the government to face a vote of no confidence. However because they still have a majority in Parliament, the chances of any Labour member voting himself out of a job (despite how honourable they see themselves as being) is zilch.


Therefore, we are stuck with them until 2010. The Labour party is stuck with slack-jawed one-eyed jack as its leader because even Nu Labour can't get away with forcing 2 unelected prime ministers onto us.... so there you have it.


I do think however that because of this governments arrogance and determination to stay in power at all costs, that when we do get them to the ballot box, they will get the biggest kicking in political history and will end up with less votes than the Stornaway independance party.....

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Sounds trite - but that's democracy. They were voted in by the British public, they weren't imposed on us.

Also, whilst I personally loathe Brown's and Blair's policies on most issues, they have been supported by a majority of people that voted.

Also, whilst I agree that there has been incompetence, the current economic difficulties aren't confined to our country and we are in a cleft stick, because there is no agreement whether additional borrowing is a rational answer.

We need to develop ways of interesting people, and particularly young people, in the democratic process so they all actually vote!

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Alas, not elected by a majority of those who voted: the first past the post system allows less than 40% of voters to secure a majority in Parliament and around 200,000 middle of the road voters in marginal constituencies control how it goes either way - thus it's the dictatorship of a minority. :roll: As for the opening thread: yes we are too tolerant, to the point of being bovine, even University Students seem devoid of their historic culture of rebellion. :roll::wink:

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