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SC Monthly Meeting

RO Rob

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The SC monthly meeting has been moved to next Wednesday, 4th June, at 7.30 as normal. I believe it to be the 2008 AGM, so its a chance to really have your say on how we are run, and who you want to represent you for the forthcoming season, what we purchase, etc.


Meet in the clubhouse, at 7.30pm


We are growing in number all of the time, so get down, have your say, as the future looks bright for the Yellows.


Hope to see you all there


Rob 8)

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We need a smany supporters a spossible to help prepare the ground for next season.

A lot of work has been done to the pitch but more work is needed to the general ground.

All volunteers please contact me so we can organise something ASAP.

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The meeting and AGM is tomorrow night, in case you need reminding, try and get there, and have your say, on what matters to you, and you never know it may well happen this season.


Lets get together and get behind the boys on ths pitch, and help the club move forward together.


Rob 8)

WTAFC SC Secretary 2006 - Present

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