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Climate Reparations -

Observer II

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How soft can our leaders get ?   In pursuit of the hysterical climate bandwagon,  HMG have signed up to a multi-billion reparation package, in order to expunge our guilt for the industrial revolution which gave rise to our modern world of high technology.  All those satanic mills, pumping out C02 and choking the working classes of the North of England in smog, which allegedly contributed to global warming; whilst Asia and Africa slumbered in the middle ages.   So now, as Asia and Africa gear up to follow our example with coal fired energy, pumping a hell of a lot more CO2 into the global atmosphere;  we are being expected to bribe them to cut emissions.  China and India, the biggest polluters, are expecting us, with a cost of living and energy crisis, to fund their economies, which are already now in advance of our own.   With Queen Greta in the lead, followed by Ed Milliband and the lefty eco-nerds, Sunack seems to have bent to their wishes; but even Green Boris balks at the idea.  These nutters won't stop until our Plebs are destitute, and they can go on flying around the globe virtue signalling to all.    😠

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