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House of Cards -

Observer II

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With a pack full of Jesters. In one of the most critical periods of our history, with runaway inflation, threats of energy failures, an immigrant invasion etc.  We've got stupid trivial complaints about MPs antics filling our headline news.  Gavin Williams, a wimp imo, accused of bullying other MPs and Civil Servants, who must be ultra wimps to complain.  Now complaints about MP - Francoise for using the term Japs, in a speech about Naval contracts; claiming the term was racist.  The use of Jap, is clearly shorthand for Japanese, just like calling a British person "a Brit", but it seems some MPs have nothing else to offer but these pathetic accusations.   If ever there was a case for a wholesale Reform of our politics - it's now.    😠

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Some of our politicians seem to be regressing to the name calling of the school yard. The country would fare a lot better if there was a collective movement among politicians for the good of SS GB instead of cheap point scoring.






















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Like most of us faced with inflation, we have to revisit our budgets and sort out our priorities; so should HMG with their Autumn Statement.   Taxpayer's money being splashed out on migrant accomodation, on non-clinical diversity jobs in the NHS,  on reparations for climate guilt, for feeding the continuation of the Ukraine conflict and the self harm of economic sanctions;  on an outdated elderly care home called the House of Lords.   £billions being wasted on liberal virtue signalling  rather than basic priorities.   The Plebs understand the economics of make do and mend, and the draconian measures required, but alas such pragmatism cannot be found in the isolated reality of the Westminster bubble.    😠

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