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My grandson has advance tickets for the first showing of I.J. and the Crystal Skull. I thought that the three previous films had pretty well played that concept out but the synopsis in today's Times indicates it might be interesting. It returns to South America where there are controversial crystal skulls supposedly from Pre-Columbus times. It is set in 1957, and Prof. Jones patriotism is questioned by the imbeciles around Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and it features Cate Blanchett as a soviet Colonel Professor antagonist to Prof. Jones, and John Hurt as an associate of Jones. Sounds tempting, especially since the Cannes critics were not thrilled.

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Hi, Indiana James! I was thinking of you since this movie has been in the news while in production.


I forgot to mention one of the intriguing points in the synopsis: remember that huge government warehouse where to Lost Ark was deposited? It's in this film as well. I think the writer, at least, was inspired.

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