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Swimming caps ?

Observer II

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Another racial dispute has crept into the Olympic Swimming Comp -   Many African Women with long hair, which tends to be wiry,  wish to use large extended swimming caps, but the Olympic cttee, have banned their use.  As a larger cap, and indeed long hair, would presumably increase drag on the swimmer, and thus slow them down, they would be damaging their chances in any case; not that they tend to be any good at swimming anyway.     :rolleyes:

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From "Black Swimming History":

At their first encounter with sub-Sahara Africans in the 1400’s, Europeans explorers found a culturally aquatic people who learned to swim in the coastal and river villages of West Africa, both men and women, as soon as they could walk. For centuries, Africans were regarded as the world’s greatest swimmers and enslaved African swimmers and divers created enormous wealth for their masters by harvesting pearls, recovering sunken treasures a working in and around the water. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century racism excised this rich aquatic legacy from Black Culture with these tragic consequences. Today, as many as 80% of African Americans are not competent and comfortable swimmers, and African Americans are 3 to 4 times more likely to drown than whites.

It's all you white racists to blame!

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