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Waiting for the police


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I've just had a phone call from the National Crime Agency. It was a recorded message telling me that my NI number has been used in criminal activity and that I have a limited time to press "1" and speak to them before my NI number is cancelled and I'm arrested!!! I haven't pressed "1", I've packed a small bag and am waiting for the police to turn up to arrest me 🤣.

The number used was my mobile phone number with the last 4 digits changed, which sort of gave me a clue that it may not have been a legitimate call even before I answered it 🤔🤣

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I am waiting for bt to cut my phone and internet off within the next 24 hours apparently,for the third time this week.

add to that the new phone i have ordered from my amazon account as well as the £1000.00 package from them and the £600.00 from my account at the bank on my debit card that was sent abroad and that is today's phone calls so far.

every one a robotic voice. I answer put it on speaker phone and wait to see how long it is before it cuts off.  record so far 1 minute 10 seconds.

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I got the same message again about an hour ago, but from a slightly different number. Again, it was my mobile phone number with the last 4 digits changed.

Still no sign of the police, guess they must be busy stopping people drinking coffee outdoors or whatever today's worst crime is.

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