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Covid in the USA


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In the USA there have been over 7.75 million cases of Covid documented, however only one case has been shown to have been contracted by the victim through his own actions, or so the media would have you believe. Who is this man in 7.75 million? No prize if you guessed that it is president Trump that is being vilified by the usual suspects for catching the virus, but he is also now being accused of spreading the infection to his staff in the White House. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

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10 hours ago, Observer II said:

At least 27 in his entourage have now got it !    😷

So this Covid virus could be contagious! Who knew? Is Trump a super spreader? Or perhaps all the other people caught it from the same person Trump did? Apparently all the WH staff are tested daily so, even if they are all well with no symptoms, anyone with the virus will be detected which is not the case with the general population.

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