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Nightingale Hospital


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Having watched these places like that turn into car exhibition halls one week, concert venues a few days later , then sporting arenas and so on  I am still amazed to watch the Nightingale Hospital take form.

Also amazed at the fact that there are companies out there able to design and put into production breathing ventilators made out of existing readily available     parts or three D printed parts in lasss then two weeks, gizmos coming out from Mercedes to allow sharing of air pressure machines and a device that allows the sharing of ventilators.

Yet the supply of gloves, aprons and masks is a challenge. On Sky news there was a story that the Chinese bought huge stocks of gloves and masks around the world and have siezed stocks of them manufactured in china.

Question, anyone noticed the huge fleet of Ambulances stood outside, were did they come from?

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Don't forget the beds Milky, these are beds that have been unavailable for years.

It is to be hoped that the hospitals springing up around the country will become part of the NHS estate & complement existing hospitals when this crisis is over.

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