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Is Prison too cushy?


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Apart from putting up with the kind of toe rags that usually inhabit prisons; seems the Prison Officers Union are claiming it's now so cushy, no one wants to escape. :shock: Errm, never thought the Government were that subtle - make it so cushy = no escapes = less need for Prison Guards = less cost! :roll::D

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If Labour hadn't been in power for the last 10 years I would have thought that this story was a wind up. But they have and it isn't.... just another day in the life of the doomed Labour Government.



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Afraid that unless and until, we exit the EU, revoke the Human Rights Act, Ammend legislation to support the use of corporal punishment by parents, teachers and the courts - things will only get worse. :roll: None of the three main Parties have that approach in their manifestos. :roll:

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