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Gentleman's Steam Powered Bicycle


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It is a motorcycle, albeit a steam powered motorcycle, and as such should be subject to the same road rules as any other motorised vehicle as regards tax, insurance, mot, license etc.

He may be getting around this as the requirements for the electric bike limits power to 250 watts and states that the engine does not  "assist" at speeds exceeding 15.5 mph.

In fact he says that the power output is 150 watts but has had to gear it down as it would originally do in excess of 30mph.

Do wonder what the fuel efficiency is as he does not say how large the fuel tank is just gives a figure of "about" for mileage using petrol and about for the amount of water.

Nice idea but expensive i would think.

one thing that does concern me though is the fact he has to heat the fuel up with a naked flame to get it started.

petrol and open flames sounds rather dangerous to me.🤔

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