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Salford 12.07.19


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A very shocking, lacklustre display from the Wire ended in a 12-22 defeat at the hands of Salford Red Devils. Although Warrington had the best of the possession, their ball handling, passing, speed of thought, everything was lacking and enabled Salford to make the most of their chances. It wasn't that Salford were good, rather Warrington were so woeful. Fortunately there were only just over 9000 people in the crowd to watch this unfortunate display. Wire will have to do better in the semi final in a fortnight if they are to progress.

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seems to be the theme this year with nearly all the teams. A very convincing win and good performance followed the next game by a very convincing defeat and  performance that even a school team can better on a bad day.

watched the leeds hull match on sky and neither team managed to kick more than one conversion. hull would have been ten points to the good had their kickers been on target. (it was even suggested by the commentary team that the water carrier make an attempt.)

I do wonder at times if partly it is to do with rule changes and refs enforcing the rules with a vengeance, players are wary of conceding a penalty or a sin binning.

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I don't know about refs enforcing the rules. On Thursday Hull played London and twice, when London were taking conversions, Hull players were encroaching on the pitch. It was so obvious that even SKY noticed it, but no action from the referee although London should have been awarded penalties in front of the sticks as well as being able to retake the kick that was missed.

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