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Asperity and Confused


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10 hours ago, asperity said:

I've noticed this topic has me in the title but, as I'm ignoring anything PJ posts, I'm not interested in whatever he is saying so he may as well give his brain cell a night off 🙄😉.

I bet you peeped at it lol  Doesn’t your need to answer disprove your claimed indifference?  I will give the single brain cell I need to converse with you a rest.

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25 minutes ago, Dizzy said:

PJ, as you've never been given a dedicated area to post yours in... which many have asked for in the past.... it would be very unfair of me/Gary to create such an area for other specific members 😂😂😂


25 minutes ago, Dizzy said:


Spoilsport 😄

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