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The Despot is dead -


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- long live the (new) Despot.   Magabe goes after running his economy into the ground and allegedly commiting HR crimes along the way; but who's going to replace him ?  His one time vice-President, equally complicit in his alleged crimes and destructive policies, fully supported by the Zanu PF Party. And is it possible that the opposition politicians will offer anything better in terms of democracy and anti-corruption ?     So perhaps the euphoria is premature ?              :ph34r:

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3 hours ago, Davy51 said:

No wonder Ian Smith declared independence in 1965 ,he must have had a good idea of what was in store for the future of Rhodesia.

In an interview in 1980, after Mugabe had taken power, Ian Smith said “He will be there for at least 30 years, murder or imprison all of his opponents and bankrupt the country” . Not a bad prediction.

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