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Will Fat Boy get his nukes ?


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Lots and lots of talking and hand wringing from the international community, but no solid solutions on offer.   1) Economic sanctions won't work, as Putin said " they'll eat grass before giving up their nuke programme". Kim has a point of course, why shouldn't he have his nukes, to "deter" the US and others from regime change ?   From the West's point of view; if he really does represent a threat to the current world order, it would seem two options present themselves: either take him out or his country out; something Western liberals wouldn't have the stomach for. so will continue wringing their hands.  So as the saying goes, we'll just have to put up or shut up.         :ph34r:

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Just read a report on Yahoo, saying that Kim has nukes that could reach the UK; which ties in with another report that one of our new carriers will be heading for Korean waters. Remember when they told us that Saddam had WMDs that could reach Cyprus. Seems in order to prepare us for a war, the Government hasn't changed it's script.     :ph34r:

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