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Memories of the Isle of Man

Geoffrey Settle

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I know that this is for Warrington Memories but how many of you Warringtonians have memories of the Isle of Man?

Meeting John McGuiness at Picturesque in the Latchford Gallery and then the TT stars on the Parr Hall stage is a tenuous link between the two.

Jumping the ferry, Ben Machree or the Cat for a spell across the Irish Sea with your bucket and spade to a guest house - pre package holidays and jets to the Costa.

Business suffered a lot with the arrival of cheap guaranteed sun abroad - BUT what are your treasured memories.

Mine began like that but years later I spent two summer seasons working at the Ramsey Beach Hotel and I had a great time in my early 20's learning so much about skinny dipping, working in it's night club and in the morning listening to the motor bikes scream around the hairpin bend and up the mountain passed the Albert Tower that celebrated Queen Victoria's husbands life.

I'm now listening to Manx TT radio http://www.manxradio.com/on-air/manx-radio-tt/ (great show for the Rock God aka Gary to listen to - Alice Coopper, Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs all in succession - all biker music of course etc.)

I'm a  bit sad that for the first time in 8 years I'm not their as a Race Marshal but getting ready for the racing to start, once they've got some more miles in practice laps. Unlike last year when the sun shine this year it's poured down.

Anyway I've got loads of memories, nay of which I can't tell you about :rolleyes: but I will be glued every evening to ITV4 and highlights of the TT racing for more memories.

What are yours - oops my Kippers are under the grid and starting to burn - honest they are Mrs Geoff bought them from the guy who turns up on Thursdays at the Culcheth car park she's gone to her sisters tonight and left me in charge of the cooker - not a good idea:ph34r: BTW practice has just finished but the Mountain Road is not yet open.

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I've never been so have no memories other than what I've seen on the TV which quite frankly scares the life out of me whenever I watch footage filmed from the riders own bike/helmet cameras EEK :shock: :shock:

I'm sure my other half would love to go though as he always watches it on TV, in fact I think deep down he'd love to ride it too but no way am I letting him have another motorbike !!

Growing up out next door neighbour always used to go to the TT's and I'm sure he used to marshal it too like you do/did Geoff, maybe he still does...I will ask him next time I see him :D  

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Only memories i have of the isle of man is going there with my parents for the day. the long trip on the ferry in the morning, walking round the harbour and shops and a meal in a cafe if we could get in. The long trip back in the dark on the ferry spending the time trying to find the sharp end and then trying to find out where mum and dad were afterwards. small as the ferry was when you are eight years old it a big place to wander round.

My uncle was a keen TT enthusiast though and once went over as a mechanic for a mate who was racing on the course. He was also a crafty guy. He was an insurance inspector and used to arrange to inspect the lifts in the hotels and the hydraulic hoists in the garages on the  isle of man during TT week. So basically he got free travel over there and paid as well.

It was probably from him that i got into motorbikes as i grew older. Have never had the chance to go the isle of man and ride the roads there though. Still who knows maybe something i can do before I officially  reach pension age.

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