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Anyone know of any updates


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To be honest I'm not entirely sure about either so that's a good question Milky although I do remember seeing pictures or a drone video footage showing images of Daresbury Hall with scaffolding up being repaired.  Considering the damage caused by the fire it must be taking some doing and costing a lot though. 

Re the old Garnetts's cabinet works well WBC were/are in the process of buying it all for above market value from the irresponsible owners [PTS?) according to news reports too....but nothing more has been said about it's future since then.  I did wonder at the time why they were paying above market value as surely that just encourages property/land owners to buy then simply ignore any form of council warnings regarding their premises and let them fall into a total state of disrepair and danger with no real action or recompense.  The cynical side of me wonders if once once the council do actually own it all they will just knock it all down due to costs and the usual excuses  :(

I fear that the Old Packet House at the bottom of Bridge Street may be next in line for the chop too considering how 'they' have been allowing that to deteriorate month by month :(

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