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New £1 coins & parking etc


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Now the new £1 coins are out does anyone know if they can actually be used in the existing car park machines ie in Golden Square, Cockhedge. Walton Gardens, Forge car park (Stockton Heath), Lymm, Warrington Hospital etc etc.

I seem to be getting a lot of the new £1 coins in my change now but someone told me today that they wouldn't work in one of the car parks they went too.

It made me think....if the now coins wont work and they were all you had.....if you then get a parking fine through the post for not paying could you contest it based purely on the fact that you did try to pay but their machines are not now 'fit for purpose' ?

I'm just planning ahead to be on the safe side :shock::lol:

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In theory all parking machine should have been modified to accept the new coins, but knowing this council probably not happened yet, (the really cynical view being they are getting the funding to adapt the machines from fines because the new coins won't work).

I will note that " because the new coins don't work in the machines" will not really be accepted as an excuse to dodge a fine on the grounds that you could have paid by phone using the parking app, which you have to download, register for and pay an extra 20p per use to cover "admin". (that is if, unlike me, you have a smart phone and don't mind fiddling for five minutes to get a signal so you can pay). Not sure how that would work with a barrier controlled parking area though as you usually need to put a ticket into the barrier machine to get out.

Finally surely the council have tested the machines, they have had plenty of time to do so. if they haven't then any that do not accept the coins will generate either a lot of revenue, or a lot of wasted money in successfully contested fines.

As an after thought maybe you could go round checking dizz like a local version of rip off Britain.:blink:

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17 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

As an after thought maybe you could go round checking dizz like a local version of rip off Britain.:blink:

ha ha yes I might just do that if it's raining tomorrow and I'm bored on my one Easter weekend day off  :lol::lol:  Watch this space....

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