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Fairly new poet (5)

harry hayes

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This one i,m afraid is still mainly for oldies - what else at my age?


Has a strange title.




Perchance for times of darkness,

God gave us memory lane;

Where life is as it should be,

And shall, on heavenly plane.


Yesterday, it lives forever,

Our days of youth are stored;

Within the mind a treasure box,

And the only key is yours.


The old house is still a'standing,

Loving parents by the gate;

Smoke billows from the chimney,

Kettle whistling on the grate.


Outside, the sound of children,

Hop-scotch and bat on ball;

The friends you used to play with,

Have aged, no, not at all.


There,s a comfort in the attic,

But it's not a place to dwell;

The echoing of your own thoughts,

In excess, a living hell.


Most people are not quite happy,

But disguise the fact some-how;

This life was meant for living,

Our time, forever now.


In truth, these are the best of times,

Yes, flawed in many ways;

But too soon your younger loved ones,

Will call them "Golden Days"


Harry Hayes



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