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Interesting prog with Simon Reeve on BBC, which was quite enlightening. EG: they are actually looking after Syrian refugees in purpose built camps, that resemble mini-towns, with S/markets and hospitals etc. The motive being, that Turkey wants young migrants (especially the more conservative Muslims) to bolster their workforce and to weight their electorate in favour of Erdogan.  As for the migrants, many are opting to stay in Turkey and those in EU camps are opting to go back to Turkey. Because of the troubles, Western tourism has declined by as much as 40% and their new option seems to be the introduction of El Al tourisms from Islamic States. So not quite the quite the basket case we thought, but a rising star.

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I saw that program too. I've only been to Turkey once, for a holiday. The weather and coastline was beautiful. Nice modern hotels, friendly people. The only negative for me was the constant mither from shop traders, you literally couldn't walk down the street without being accosted.

What did surprise me in the hotels was during the evening entertainment, when the compare asked "where are you all from"? there were many from middle eastern countries such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. I didn't even realise they could leave the first two countries.

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