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...had enough of the saturation coverage of BBC & ITV with sport over the last few weeks ? Apart from football, which one night this week ITV showed the same match on ITV 1 & 4, we have blanket coverage of tennis, athletics,cycling ,snooker...& not to mention referendum debates ! It will be nice to get back to boring old schedules where ,hopefully,we can at least find something watchable on one of the channels.

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I can never understand why the likes of ITV1 have to take the institution that is Coronation Street off just to show a football match when they have other channels ITV2, 3 & 4 they could show it on, especially when the whole country is now on digital TV so everyone can get the other channels anyway....Football may be popular, but I am pretty sure that the audience figures for Corrie and Eastenders and the like outstrip anything a football match featuring Sweden VS Belgium could muster

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