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Invisibilty pro's and cons

Evil Sid

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It has always puzzled me from a young age as to why people would want to be invisible for a while, not to mention how it would work.


Firstly would it just be the outer layer that was invisible or would it affect all the cells in the body.


If it was the first one and just the outer layer then surely all the bones etc would be visible and you would look like something from the walking dead or a doctors chart.


if it was the second then other problems would be encountred.


1.Food would not be part of your body so any food eaten would be clearly visible the whole time up until it exited the body as waste. Not something you would want to see floating around the place.


2. If you cut yourself then how would you know how serious it was. You would feel the pain but would not see the blood as that would be invisible as well. add to that if you put a plaster or bandage on the wound then that would just be floating around the place as well.


3. You would probably end up having more accidents than normal. if people can't see you then they would be walking,cycling or even driving into you unknowingly.


4.Might be fine in summer when the weather is fairly warm but in winter it would probably mean you would freeze to death, don't forget that you would have to be naked all the time.


5. On the plus side you would not get sunburnt as the light from teh sun would just pass straight through. your invisible right.


6. On the minus side you would not be able to see a thing. light passes through because you are invisible, this would apply to the eyes as well. no light contacting the yes means total blindness.


There are probably other drawbacks that i haven't thought of and probably a few plusses as well i wil leave it up to you to come up with a few. :wink:

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sometimes I worry slightly about the state of your mind Evils.

Problem is I'm also worrying about mine too now as I'm sat here pondering and imagining what everything I'm doing would look like to others if they couldn't see me doing it.

Take for example the sip of coffee I've just had.  They would have seen my cup hovering in mid air, tilting, the coffee seemingly pouring out but to where?  What a great photo it would make :D

And now my mind has suddenly gone to thinking about bowels and number two's and if the latter would still be visible.....oh dear !!!

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