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sense of humour.

Evil Sid

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whoever put that caption on teh picture either has a very good sense of humour or doesn't get out much.


almost half the roads in warrington have road works on them, not so much as a sign of things to come more a case of more of the same folks.


so i suppose that all our ward councillors will be vieing to get their favourite bit of potholed road sorted out.


Might have another go at the council to see if they can get those travellers to throw a few spadefuls of oily gravel on the footpaths in our street.


not so much a case of a few potholes as a case of the occasional bit of tarmac sticking up here and there. (and that is on the good bits.)

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Maybe they could spend some of it on maintaining the road bumps they were so keen on installing a few years ago.


The paint has worn off them and they are so hard to see in the dark or if it has rained. Some of them are quite high and my new car scrapes and complains if I go over some of them even at 20MPH.

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