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Living in the past


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Anybody here ever fancied spending a few days (or weekend) living life how it was hundreds of years ago ? no electric, gas, etc etc ? a few of us toyed with the idea a couple of years ago because there seemed to be a growing demand for this kind of 'escapism' from a lot of people today ........ watch this space :wink:

If you commited yourself to doing this what period would you like to spend the time living in ?

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Obs if you ever get chance have a trip to either Bede's world or West Stow ....... cracking places ! Warwick castle has craftsmen on a 6 month basis throughout the season, you live as you would have done in the 15th century :) ......... I stupidly turned down the chance to do a six month stint there a few years ago :(


Legion ........ you don't need to go back to the 60's for those things :D ....... all available nowadays :D

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