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Would you believe it?


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Following the release of the figures showing a 576% (from 27,700 in 2013 up to 187,300 in 2014) rise in Romanians and Bulgarians applying for NI numbers.... someone has suggested that many may have been here prior to the lifting of restrictions on workers from the two countries in January 2014.....


well who would have thought that eh?



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Why the surprise Baz?  According to the Mail, we had one immigrant for every minute of the 13 year Labour Gov; don't know how they worked it out, but that's what they claim. However, we do know (from TV reports) that Roma were begging on the streets of London well before the restrictions were lifted. The whole thing is a joke - on us.

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Only time will tell whether this was just incompetence and myopia on the part of a Labour Gov, or a calculated and cynical act of social engineering to get the immigrant vote; either way, an act of treachery against the British people, placing Party before Country.

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