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The band-waggoners are looking for a new member


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The serial allowance and expenses grabbers in the Town Hall are looking to recruit a new member.... Anyone fancy a go?


There are a few provisos; You have to be a member of a political party; can't have someone joining in who won't vote how they are told to do so by their masters.... Must have a valid passport (for all those jollies to Hilden) and must have a photogenic finger and be available at short notice to go out and have your photograph taken while pointing at potholes and dog poo....



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To be honest, pot holes and dog messing and other minor issues which do directly affect the quality of life of local folk is exactly what a local councillor should be concerning themselves with.  Instead of going cow tow to their party superiors and voting when and how they are told to they should be fighting for their constituents and them alone.  Independent councillors would, in my humble opinion, make a far better job of it than some political puppet or a yes man afraid to swim against the tide.

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Why not put yourself forward, Baz? 


Because as an independent in this town there would be no chance of success....pure and simple. The Conservative councillor Paul Kennedy found that out; after trying on a few occasions to get onto the council as an independent (and failing) he stood as a tory and got voted in


I would never toe a party line over anything and so would never get elected

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