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Labours Candidate Clueless?


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Reading the news story today about Nick Bent babbling on about fewer kids from Warrington going to University..... now I'm not sure if he went to one himself, but logic certainly isn't an attribute he has gained...


He says that the number of young people from Warrington going to university as a whole has fallen  by 12 per cent with ones applying to the elite universities also falling


Now never one to miss an opportunity, Mr Bent (I know he sounds like a Mr Men character to me too) seems to blame this entirely on the rise in tuition fees with the quoted statement "Since the Coalition government hiked tuition fees to £9,000 per annum in September 2012, the number of Warrington students applying to university has fallen by over 12 per cent" and then ends the statement with the bombshell "In contrast to the National trend"


Now forgive me for stating the obvious; Warrington is a growing town; with a pretty good employment rate and job prospects too, but yet Mr Bent does not go on to further expand why the rest of the country is seeing a rise in kids applying for university; only plays the blame game for our town and reckons its because we are all too poor to send our kids off to uni.


How does he explain the national rise in the number of kids as a whole applying?..... well he doesn't of course; that is too much to ask :) He quotes figures of 1,448 kids applying in 2011 and 1,267 kids applying in 2013 (a 12% drop....because 12% looks a lot more than 181 in comparison to the starting numbers.) but does not offer any other figures; did more kids find work instead of going to uni? are more kids taking a year out? 


In typical politician style, Mr Bent just lights the fuse and walks away.... unfortunately, this time it's gone out before it goes bang





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I'd be more concerned at the type of courses Mr Bent is concerned about. His last Government promoted University for the sake of it, filling them with mickey mouse graduates, who then left to stack shelves in super-markets. Then along came the other lot to start charging; when we're crying out for serious graduates like Doctors, Engineers, Scientists  etc; to bolster the economy.

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A few questions as the logic in the OP  has left me a little baffled.


1.  Has the number of Warrington children applying for university places fallen?

2.  Has it fallen since the introduction of tuition fees?

3.  Has it fallen by 12%?

4.  Does 181 equal a 12% reduction?

5.  Is it not in his remit to bring things like this to the debate as a prospective local MP. ?

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