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revenge of the sith


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SAN FRANCISCO - Kids dressed like Luke Skywalker. Adults were decked out as stormtroopers. And "Star Wars" stars past and present soaked up the adulation.


From San Francisco to New York on Thursday, hundreds of "Star Wars" fanatics turned out in 10 cities and paid up to $500 apiece to attend the premiere of the final film in the series, "Star Wars: Episode III ? Revenge of the Sith."


In San Francisco, a red carpet lined the side of Sony Metreon theater, where volunteers dressed like stormtroopers, X-wing pilots and bounty hunter Boba Fett. Fans gathered for a glimpse of director George Lucas.


Lucas, who says he plans to return to experimental films now that the last "Star Wars" film is completed, introduced the film at each of the Metreon's theaters.


Lucas said he was relieved to see the "Star Wars" saga end.


"I'm glad that I get to go on and do other things," he said. "It's been 30 years of my life, so it's a lot of time."

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I think I will write a review of the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack in the music section tomorrow.


I promise not to give away any plot spoilers!


That will mean me having to not tell you any of the titles if you do not wish to know.


I'm debating in my head whether to take all the day off on May 19, and watch the first two prequels on DVD at hime then see the matinee of the new movie, then watch all three episodes of the original trilogy at home afterwards. From what I gather from the rest of the saga, this movie will be quite heart-breaking and certainly the music reflects this, so the original Star Wars movies will be urgently needed as an antidote!


On the other hand this makes me seem like a bit of a saddo.


But then I want to test the idea that it is all ultimately one 12 hour movie.

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