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Animal cruelty


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Reading yesterday's news page re cats being shot in Culcheth made me feel sick!  Not so long ago swans were targeted,  what kind of morons would do such things!   The police are looking into it but just how seriously are these kind of  offences being taken? 

 Research into the backgrounds of killers and violent criminals most often finds a gradual progression from inflicting pain on animals to inflicting pain on humans - some go on to eventually murder someone.

People who harm animals are sick and twisted and if their behaviour is not dealt with it will only progress.

I sometimes get the impression that the 'powers that be' just think it's 'naughty boys playing with air guns'  but whoever is doing this is truly and dangerously sick and air guns can be just as lethal as any guns. In my opinion ALL guns should have been banned years ago.

If crimes like this were dealt with severely and effectively we might prevent these sick people going on to do more.

I think the 'cat of nine tails'  would be appropriate followed by lock up with hard labour.

Those who inflict pain should feel it!    



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There's a report in the WG today of another cat shot in Bewsey last Friday and they are trying to trace it's owners.  It's future is uncertain as it was shot in the chest/shoulder and the air gun pellet has damaged a nerve causing paralysis its front leg. 

How can anyone do something so evil and it makes me feel sick too Sha.  It's too easy for idiots to buy these damn air guns and no license is needed and they seem to be classed more like a toy than a weapon. :evil:


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