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Warrington Market (Video)


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I like the swearing 'Market barrier attendant' who thinks he's a driving instructor.


'Go right at the next turning, go down there past the toy shop, cross the road, look right, turn around and go back to the entry which wasn't an entry, it was a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp  

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Nice to see Mike and Josie Butterworth sharing their memories.


I was only in their daughter's restaurant Shelly's last Saturday. Sadly she told me that Mike had passed away the week before so the video is a nice tribute to him.


Great to see some of the characters that Shelly is always talking so passionately about.


Seeing her mum brought back memories of another the series of marketing vidoes that Steve Pickering produced a number of years ago. He brought the characters that developed in the market magazine to life. There was one scene when a gorrila stole bannanas from the fruit stall and road off in a mobility scooter - it was crazzy :P


in between takes I was chatting to a lady and looking at the latest video above I can see that she was Shelly's mum. They can both keep you entertained for ages :mrgreen:

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Are those other video's available on line anywhere Geoff as they sound funny.

Yes it's very sad that Mr Buttorworth has sadly passed away as he was a great character and a lovely man and he will be missed and remembered by a great many people.

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They were used for TV promotions and featured local celebs like Pete Pinnington with a massive ghetto blaster, Mark Olly (historian) with a cart full of books and the Vicar playing himself which he does so well :mrgreen: somebody was fishing in the fish stalls etc - I'll find out from Steve P.


Until then some of the characters are in this one with Steve P down on his knees directing using the tanoy



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I've seen that one before Geoff and it still makes me cringe a bit :oops::lol:

There's some others at the bottom of your the link page too and the one with Gary on is really funny.... errm I mean good of course... well ok I didn't... that's me banned then  8)  :lol:

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