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Surely it isn't that long ago..............?


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So does Mrs sid and she still plays a lot of them.


Some body posted a picture on my facebook page a while back showing two pictures. One was  picture of somebody in the eighties wearing head phones and a walkman and the other was showing somebody wearing headphones and an mp3 player. if i come across them again will have to post them here they are hilarious to look at.


The eighties one shows those little in the ear headphones that you can barely see for the hairstyle plugged into this half brick of a walkman. The other shows this tiny little postage stamp mp3 player with headphones that you used to see in the old war movies like two dustibin lids on your ear. Still that is progress I suppose.


It is one of the few things that always brings a smile to my face when I see the youngsters of today with thier massive headphones plugged into the phone, which is held at a slight angle about a foot away from the face, wandering aimlessly down the street oblivious to the world around them.

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Ha ha. Great video. I still have a lot of my old cassette tapes. I still have my Now That's What I call Music tape somewhere. The best thing about the cassettes was playing the songs and trying to write down the lyrics. STOP. REWIND. PLAY. It used to take forever. Me and my friends would also record mini radio shows using my cassette player mic to record over a blank tape and then adding music from my other cassette. I think the most annoying thing about cassettes was trying to record songs off the radio, especially if the DJ decided to talk over the first part of the track.

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Well Mrs sid has loads of tapes and wants me to convert them to a cd format. that should keep me busy for a few years. will be down to get a converter from Aldi on thursday and see how long it takes to do both side of one tape. All I have to do then is try to remember what program I have that then puts them into a music cd format.


think the worst part of tapes was when they decided to wrap themselves aroound the drive wheels. ten minutes carefully extracting the snarled up tape and another ten with a biro stuck in the cassette winding the tape back on and trying to get all the twists and kinks out. they never did sound the same afterwards.

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