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Last week the annual rates ransom note from WBC dropped through our letter box. The accompanying bullshit letter was supposed to console me that our rates have only increased by 1.9% this year. This letter was this week followed up by one from the head of the LTPD ?( whatever that is, something to do with local transport ???) that in the near future we may get a knock on the door from one of his representatives to ask how we manage to get from A to B and make suggestions as to how we might best carry out this fundamental act. I've been able to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, catch a bus, train aeroplane or call a taxi for over 60 years so I don't need anyone knocking on my door  advising me of best ways to do it.

No doubt  the director of this job creation department is on a hefty salary and will  have countless minions carrying out this useless activity. I would like to see these ridiculous departments of job creation cut from my rates bill , which  perhaps in future   might go down instead of continually spiralling upwards.  

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Wasting over £700,000 on 20mph speed limit signs hasn't done much to help the council tax bills either

I agree with you entirely Baz but with new legislation being planned to bring in 20 mph speed limits in all inner town and city areas in the near future, WBC's 20 mph signs may be required after all. :unsure:

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You only have to drive down some of the recently implemented 20mph roads in Warrington to realise that they aren't really working. 

The one past the Town Hall, Sankey Street is a prime example.  Ok some people do drop their speed as they go across the lights from the 30 speed and enter the 20 but most don't and I've been beeped at by irate drivers many times and even overtaken for doing 20 along there. 

As for clear public support well that's a tricky one as most people probably don't mind if their own road is dropped to 20 so wont kick up a huge fuss but at the same time they too know in most cases it wont make any difference so is a waste of money.  Cost aside my worry is that it can also instill a false sense of security and safety especially where kids 'minds' are concerned.   

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