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Well it didn't need Sherlock to work this one out


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At least he's finally catching up with us then :lol:

I wonder how many times he travels that way though as re the accident which he says closed the Runcorn Bridge Mr M then says "The traffic queue on Chester Road, Warrington, caused by diverted traffic, extended from the Chester Road swing bridge to Bridge Foot  "    

That is normal most days at rush hour due to the town centre congestion around Bridge Foot. 

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'urged the Government to withdraw the tolls'


Won't happen and we've known that for years. What we need is a council that will look at the town's infrastructure and consider intelligently the implications of its own conflicted policies of slowing traffic down with unnecessary speed restrictions, adding more and more retail parks, constantly messing about with road layouts and ignoring the most obvious bottlenecks and the reasons for them.


Like Dizzy, I'm amazed that Cllr Marks cites the example of congestion between Chester Road and Bridge Foot. Doesn't he leave the house? It's been gridlocked for a long time, as have the other roads leading to Bridgefoot so just wait until all the lorries that currently cross the Mersey at Runcorn come through town. 

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