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Biggest game of the season - if not decade!!


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It's often been mooted on this forum that you can't play classy football on the pitches in this league.........hogwash!!!!! Curzon disproved this "theory" yesterday. We were owned by them. Our midfield coughed and spluttered through the game. No vitality, no legs and certainly no inventiveness in the middle.

We are in danger of dropping like a stone unless we believe in proper football and not the one-dimensional approach that we witnessed yesterday. The footballing sides are ready to pounce and my fear is that Curzon will win the league and Darlo will be too good for the rest of the qualifying teams in the play-offs.


As Topshot said "We played the ball on the ground once and scored". 

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Not sure how you work out we scored playing the ball on the ground when it was a header!!!

First league defeat of the year and the snipers are out!

Curzon were the best team on the day and these things happen in football.

Too soon to write season off and this was the big wake up call.

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The build up play to the goal was along the ground. Did you not notice? If you are unconcerned about that display yesterday and the advancing pack then you obviously don't care Robocop!!!!


"and this was the big wake up call." Is exactly what is being said, it is not sniping. 

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What a lovely overreaction on here. One game doesn't make a season.


To an extent, the criticism of the tactics is daft. The physical style of play which we use works against the majority of teams. We simply overpower most of the teams in this division, there's absolutely no problem in how we are playing, as it manages to get 3 points week-in-week-out.


However, against Curzon, Darlo, Farsley and Lancaster, we need a plan B. They're the only teams who can handle our style of play, and unfortunately they're managing to exploit the problems in it too.


There are a few players (I won't name anybody) who we do seem to change our tactics to accommodate. Without them, we are a nicer "footballing" team. Quite simply, I'd just say that we should make a few rotations so we can play "better" football against the better teams. Don't get me wrong though, I'd certainly keep these players in the side for the majority of the games, as they do make the difference 80% of the time!


I do understand how it is definitely not a good idea to have inconsistent tactics depending on who you are playing against.


We've made massive improvements under Shaun Reid. He's built a team that can win every week. We've never been in this position before. Let's not forget that!


I have full faith in the current set-up. I'm incredibly confident that Reid is the man to get us promoted, either this season or next season.


There's 12 games left. This 1 game hasn't decided our season. Let's keep going as we have been, and get a nice bit of revenge, eh?

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This season we have been playing a direct style of passing, and moving the ball to the forwards and wingers quickly - note this is not 'hoofball.' Sadly, those balls were played rather aimlessly on Saturday, which meant we held hardly any possession.


In any case, if we play 'hoof ball' and win 1-0 every week, I don't care. We are in the division to win it, not to play pretty football and be back here next season. The table is ranked on points and results, not the 'quality' of football. And anyway, hoof ball is as good as Barcalona type play if you win!


Sadly, the game could've been so different - the two first half goals were down to individual mistakes - cut those out and we go in nil nil with the wind behind us in the second half and its suddenly a very different game. Take nothing away from Curzon though who really turned the screw in the second half

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This squad are capable of playing quality football when the right midfield are selected. We were fantastic in pre-season in certain games. The Stoke game for example. Quality versus quality and our quality was supreme. Thankfully quality will always win out. Let's get back to winning ways at the weekend with a proper footballing performance. We are more than able. COME ON YOU WIRE  :lol:

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However, the fact of the matter is we don't need to play "quality" football against the majority of teams, and a "proper footballing performance" doesn't guarantee points.


We do need a bit of perspective, we are in the Evo-Stik Division 1 North, so let's not complain that we aren't watching world class football every week.


Our current style of play has been giving us results, and you can't argue against that. It's only against the other 4 of the top 5 clubs that our tactics become an issue.


Let's not mess with a winning team.

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The point has been made before by others though, if we dont go up winning the league then some of those 4 others will be in the play offs. We need to ensure that if that time comes (which I hope doesnt as we will have gone up by winning the league) then we need to go into those games differenlty maybe, is how I read the point being made. 


If not I stand corrected and will shut up!! :P

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I follow Warrington Town and am really pleased that we are finally at the top of the league.


We have a team that can play good football and it frustrates me immensely when they miss out the midfield and hoof the ball up to the front players. Generally this has worked well for us this year because most of the teams in this league do not have the ability to adapt to our style.


People have been known to state that good football played along the ground is not possible at this level, but the better teams have proven that statement to be wrong; how do we imagine we will survive in the Premier League if we do manage to go up?


WireWarrior97 says our current style of play has been giving us results and not to change it even though we cannot beat the better teams playing this way.


I disagree!

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