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broken news bbc2

Evil Sid

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did anybody watch the much hyped (by the bbc) broken news on bbc 2 on monday.


i managed to sit through twenty minutes of it as it was on after never mind the buzzcocks and i was waiting for a quiz room to open.


if you did watch it can you tell me what it was supposed to be about. it was billed as a comedy, if that was comedy i must not have a sense of humour or i am getting toooo old to appreciate it.

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me and my mates couldnt sit through it, I thought "woohoo, smart satirical comedy!" but was met with a mish-mash of self-referential jokes and fast editing used to provide cheap laughs.

There felt like there wasnt any substance to it.


So it got switched off.

And downloaded episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm were watched instead :P


[ 02.11.2005, 08:07: Message edited by: Peter ]

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phew that is a load off my mind then. thought for one minute i was loosing it.


last time i saw anything resembling that was when we were trying to sort out the freeview on father inlaws tv and sat flicking through the channels.


definitly sub standard programming. :(

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